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PLEASE NOTE: The personal homepage for some smartMonday PRIME TESF members is not displaying current balance and investments, however this information can be viewed by clicking the orange ‘Details’ button to navigate to the self-service portal. We are currently working to rectify this. 

  • Work fewer hours, receive the same income - Cut back your working hours and use your TRP income to make up for your reduced pay.
  • Work the same hours, receive more income - Use the additional income from your TRP to cover extras such as those home renovations.
  • Save more super, receive the same income - Salary sacrificing some of your pay to grow your super while your TRP helps you replace some/all of our lost income.


  • Once you’ve reached preservation age you have the option to draw a regular income from your super.
  • You can draw down a minimum of 4% up to a maximum of 10% of your TRP account balance as income in any year to help supplement any other income you receive.
  • You can continue to make contributions to your super, via your ‘accumulation’ account. In fact, there may be favourable income tax advantages for you in doing so, depending on your age and taxable income.
  • TRPs are non-commutable, which means that they generally cannot be cashed out or have lump sums withdrawn.
  • If you’re age 60 or over, pension payments from a super fund are tax free and you don’t have to include them in your tax return. If you’re under age 60, any taxable amount of your pension income is taxed at your marginal rate of tax plus the Medicare levy. You may be eligible for a tax offset of up to 15% on any taxable amount.
  • Investment earnings on assets in a TRP are taxed at the concessional superannuation rate of up to 15%.
  • When you reach age 65 or you notify us that you satisfy a ‘condition of release’ such as permanent retirement or leaving employment after age 60, we will convert your TRP to a retirement pension which will allow you to withdraw lump sums.

These are the standard TRP in smartMonday PENSION fees1.

Investment 2 0.24% p.a.- 0.72% p.a. depending on the investment options you choose
Administration 3 0.50% p.a. (A portfolio rebate applies for account balances over $250,000)
Membership 4 $72 p.a. ($6 per month)

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