• The cost of insurance is deducted automatically from your super balance, not from your take-home pay – so you don’t have to budget for it.
  • You’re covered while travelling overseas3.
  • You’re covered while on approved leave without pay.
  • Age-based cover that adjusts automatically to reflect typical member needs – at its highest until the age of 42 and then gradually reducing as you approach retirement age.
  • You can tailor your cover to suit your needs, including apply for additional cover up to the maximums stipulated in the relevant Insurance guide. Applications for additional cover may require you to provide evidence of your health.

If you were to die, the money would be paid to your beneficiaries. If you haven’t told us who your beneficiaries are, it could cause a great deal of stress for your family – at an already distressing time. It could also delay payment while the Trustee sorts it out. That’s why it’s important to consider nominating beneficiaries. Find out more about death benefit nomination options available to smartMonday super members.