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At smartMonday, we picture your working life as weekdays and your after-work life as the weekend. We’re here with smart easy actions, smartCoaches and investment options to help your retirement to be the best long weekend it can possibly be.

Some people retire and access their super as soon as they hit their preservation age, some take the transition to retirement option. Some prefer to keep working; some just have to keep working. It’s very much an individual thing.

At smartMonday we understand that WHEN is a very big question and there are a great many factors that weigh into the equation. That’s why our smartCoaches are here to help.

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To give people a benchmark to work with, The Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia (ASFA) has produced a Retirement Standard. It estimates, for example, that for a couple to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle in retirement they would need to meet weekly living costs of $1,192.901 . That requires an income of $62,269 per annum.


The Australian Securities and Investments Commission’s (ASIC) Moneysmart website provides some very helpful calculators you can use to gauge your retirement needs.

“Knowing how much you'll need when you stop work is a good starting point. The key is to act now and do as much as you can to grow your super “ ASIC MoneySmart

  • one is to withdraw it all.

  • A second could be to activate a smartMonday PENSION and start generating a tax-free income for you to spend on…whatever floats your boat basically.

Not ready to stop work just yet? A TRP pension might be the solution.

Regular income payments (no maximum annual payment) in retirement

If you’re eligible you may be able to use the Age Pension to supplement your income in retirement.