If you’re joining us directly, rather than through your employer, then the smartMonday DIRECT account may be suitable for you. Employer contributions and any personal top-ups go into this account. You can also roll other super money into this account from any other super funds you have. Check out key details below.

DIRECT Product Disclosure Statement


smartMonday offers multiple investment options for you to choose from to fine-tune your investment portfolio. These include pre-mixed and sector-specific options.

You can easily track your savings progress and see all your account details on your Personal home page. You can manage your investment mix online, transferring part or all of your balance between investment options whenever and as often as you like.

Insurance cover for Death and Total & Permanent Disablement is available automatically to eligible members under age 65 who opt-in to cover. For the first two years cover is limited to New Events – that is you’ll only be covered for injury or sickness that occurs or becomes apparent after your cover commences.


And with smartMonday, it’s super easy to increase your cover, change it or cancel it.5