Superannuation is a regulated, tax effective savings program, to which your employer makes superannuation guarantee (SG) payments as part of your pay, designed to help you have enough money of your own to live on in retirement - without having to rely on the government pension.

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For your ‘working week’

Our accumulation account.

For your ‘weekend’

Our Pension account.

Of all the smart easy actions you can take, combining your super accounts is one of the things you should consider2.

Top up before PAYE tax

Top up after PAYE tax

Top up with help from your spouse

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Your secret weapon in the war against wasted opportunity! Our smartCoaches are on hand with coaching and advice to help you get your contributions, insurance and investments into shape – at no extra cost. 
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If you change jobs, it’s super easy to take your smartMonday super with you.

Because your super savings are there to fund your ‘weekend’, you can normally only access your super once you’ve reached retirement age. In Australia this is a little complicated…

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