Customer Monitoring

PLEASE NOTE: The personal homepage for some smartMonday PRIME TESF members is not displaying current balance and investments, however this information can be viewed by clicking the orange ‘Details’ button to navigate to the self-service portal. We are currently working to rectify this. 

We have 10 pre-mixed multi-sector options –ranging from High Growth to Defensive. These options invest in a mixture of growth-style assets and defensive assets in varying proportions to provide you with a range of risk/return profiles and investment styles. Choose one or mix and match to fine-tune your strategy.

Build your own investment strategy with this range of sector-specific options. Sectors include International Shares, Australian Shares, Property, Fixed Interest and Cash. You can mix and match your clients’ allocations to these options to build your own unique investment strategy.

The smartMonday investment team is supported by Aon’s extensive global investment expertise – one of the largest investment groups in the retirement industry, with more than 200 experts specialised across asset allocation, risk analysis, and investment implementation. As well as designing the strategic investment position of each investment option, this team regularly introduces new ideas to generate more return or reduce investment risks for members.