Customer Monitoring

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  • An employee communications plan to educate your team on their default plan benefits and your company’s unique benefits
  • On-demand support and training to your HR, benefits and payroll teams
  • Group, online, and one-on-one, wellbeing programs including physical, emotional, social and financial wellbeing.
  • At some time during the past year (2018/2019 FY) one in three respondents (of 11,000 surveyed), felt stressed, one in four lost sleep, and one in five felt depressed - over financial worries1.
  • Employers have started to recognise how important financial wellbeing truly is with almost three-quarters having a financial wellbeing strategy in place - but only around half are confident that it is well-developed1.
  • a 'Platinum 2020 MySuper’ award for our Aon MySuper Lifecycle investment product awarded by rating and research agency SuperRatings.
  • a 2020 '5 Heron Quality Stars’ rating for smartMonday PRIME and smartMonday DIRECT from Heron Partnership. smartMonday PRIME has also been classified as a Top Ten Corporate Product for the quality of its Insurance Features.
  • a ‘Selecting Super AAA Quality Assessment’ (2020) by research firm Rainmaker, for our smartMonday PRIME, smartMonday DIRECT and smartMonday PENSION products.