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PLEASE NOTE: Effective 1 May 2022 the name of the fund has changed from the Aon Master Trust to the Smart Future Trust. This is a name change only and has no material impact on the operations of the Fund. We are currently in the process of updating fund materials and relevant industry databases and expect this to be completed by 30 June. 

Every business needs a smartPartner – your best friend in the super game. Far beyond making it simple and easy for you to meet your Super obligations, we’re here to make Super a powerful component of your Employee Value Proposition (EVP) – to help you attract and retain great people and enhance their performance – and to further your business objectives.

smartMonday is the financial wellbeing and retirement brand of Aon, a global leader in risk, retirement, and health solutions. In Australia, Aon has been operating superannuation services since 1993 and with almost AUD$5 billion under management, we are now the super fund of choice for almost 65,000 members and over 500 corporate employers.


As smartMonday, we bring Aon’s unique mix of global capabilities to the world of super. With a commitment to being accessible, a focus on member best outcomes, and a passion for helping members understand their behaviour to money, we help make retirement dreams become a reality.

Our members and employer clients can benefit from an action-oriented super fund that motivates and engages members throughout their working life and their retirement too – making smartMonday the choice of a lifetime.


We’re taking a whole new approach to super, focusing on the power of smart easy actions (SEAs), to engage members in their financial wellbeing and contribute to the long-term growth of their super savings.

It’s important for your employees to feel secure and in control of their finances. It’s also important to your business.


That's why we’re taking a fresh perspective on superannuation, with our focus on empowering your employees with smart easy actions and financial wellbeing programs, to help them engage and take more control of their finances.

The Stats1:

  • At some time during the past year (2018/2019 FY) one in three (of 11,000 employees surveyed), felt stressed, one in four lost sleep, and one in five felt depressed - over financial worries.
  • Employers have started to recognise how important financial wellbeing truly is with almost three-quarters having a financial wellbeing strategy in place - but only around half are confident that it is well-developed.

As a global leader in risk, retirement and health solutions, we know that super is one part of a big picture. So, whether you’re big or small, a global corporate or a start-up, we work with you as a consultant and partner to tailor a complete employee solution for your business. We’re part of your team. And we’re here to help you make every Monday a smartMonday.

Super obligations – sorted

Superannuation rules and regulations change frequently. Fortunately for our employer clients, we’re here to ensure they meet all their super obligations – with minimum effort and maximum benefit.


We combine Aon’s global capabilities in risk, retirement and health solutions, with a local team of people who genuinely care about your employees’ insurance needs and who will provide support to you and your employee in the event of illness, serious injury or death.