Customer Monitoring

PLEASE NOTE: Due to a data transfer issue some smartMonday PRIME TESF, PRIME Enterprise and PENSION members may see an old balance on their personal homepage. To see your latest balance go to the self-service portal by clicking the orange ‘Details’ button on your personal homepage. We expect this issue to be corrected within the next day or so. If you have any questions about your smartMonday account, please  contact us.

  • under 65: 4%
  • 65–74: 5%  
  • 75–79: 6%  
  • 80–84: 7%  
  • 85–89: 9%  
  • 90–94: 11%  
  • 95 or more: 14%

 We will be able to provide a quotation approximated as at 30 June 2021 (please contact us to request a quotation on the phone or email address for your product as listed above).

2 Requests include but may not be limited to: contributions, rollovers, benefit/lump sum commutation payments, and investment switches.